Having a try in Amsterdam

Having a try in Amsterdam

Having a try in AmsterdamThere was no other way but to stay at the Van Gogh Hotel. Of course, where else? This hotel is located, where else, but across the Van Gogh Museum! The wall has the Red Vineyards near Arles 1888. I saw the real one in March at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

But no, that was not the most important for the first evening in Amsterdam. It was the 10 kilometres walk in the rain, looking for Jaime’s Fifteen. The entrée was so worth the walk. So you can imagine how the main course and the dessert went. It was glorious. Jaime, you never fail to deliver! But it was not cheap. And no, it was not this meal. This is a painting of a photo I took at Rijksmuseum, painted by Willem Claesz Heda.

Having a try in Amsterdam

And guess if I didn’t gasp for air at Rijksmuseum? I didn’t know that The Night Watch by Rembrandt is huge.


There were many things I loved about Amsterdam. I did lots of sketching and lettering by the canals and at the park. The houses by the canals are pretty.  I had a try at sketching them. Now I know that I don’t have to draw them straight because they are not. Some are worst than the others like in the verge of collapse. But not really. They are just a bit too tilted. One time, an old man politely approached me and asked if he can see my drawings. Well…


And of course, there was Van Gogh. I love his Japanese inspired paintings.

 And the Almond Blossoms is so pretty!

Here are some of the night shots that I love to take.

And lastly, I met Super Dog. Of course, I have to meet Super Dog. probably his name is Cal!

Having a try in Amsterdam

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