Vanhankaupunginkoski and Tullisaari

Vanhankaupunginkoski and Tullisaari

EC8858ED-0E8C-4A96-8B83-4A6B27AD4486The times of COVID-19 opened up possibilities to visit the outskirts of Helsinki. Why we haven’t done this before, I don’t know. But the travel restrictions surely played a main role. Although these places are some drive away from my Kamppi neighborhood, it was worth the visit, especially to see 100 year old trees.

Vanhankaupunginkoski is a riverside nature reserve with waterfalls. It is a popular place for walking, picnicking, fishing and birdwatching. The breeze created by the waterfalls was such a refreshing treat on this warm afternoon.

Tullisaari is located at the southeastern part of Helsinki. I love this peaceful island with its beautiful walk path and a lovely picnic area facing the sea.


The sun setting behind a tree from 1830 was the most breathtaking.

Century old trees made me imagine children climbing on it over the years. I wonder how many things these trees have seen. They hold lots of memories.


All photos by Ari Vitikainen at

2 thoughts on “Vanhankaupunginkoski and Tullisaari

  1. Hello Elaine.

    You presented great places of Helsinki. I enjoyed your photos very much and they inspire many to visit to Vanhankaupunginkoski ja Tullisaari. It is more than 10 years when I visited to Vanhankaupunginkoski. Tullisaari is part of the biggest island of Helsinki in Laajasalo. Laajasalo offers beautiful and varied landscapes. One year ago, I presented it in my five posts under the name “Unknown Helsinki”.

    Thank you for this lovely post.

    Happy Sunday!


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