Holiday by the sea – a weekend in Hanko

Holiday by the sea – a weekend in Hanko

Known for its beautiful archipelago, Hanko is a port town located on the south coast of Finland. This quiet little town has approximately 130 kilometres of coastline. 30 kilometres of which are sandy beaches.

We planned for this trip in such a short time that most of the hotels were already booked. But we got the last room in a hotel which is conveniently located near restaurants. Finding good coffee was a challenge though. We went to a number of cafes which were all serving the normal Finnish coffee so it was a joy to enter this cafe and see a coffee machine. And the coffee was good too!

It was only a short weekend break, just enough to break the everyday routine and busyness. But it was good, just what I needed. I enjoyed the short hikes, beach walks, the nature’s breeze, good food and the change of environment. It was also nice to visit again the beach where we were last summer.

Do you need a quick break today? Go for it!

All photos by Ari Vitikainen at

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