That lost in a maze kind of feeling

That lost in a maze kind of feeling

82cbc-18447098_10155866333012137_6100066189678511640_nIf you knew Marrakesh, then you are familiar with its narrow, well-trodden, intricate network of alleys which seem to be leading to nowhere while some that just stop right in front of you. It was something of an amazement to me. Although walking through these alleys the first time felt very strange, as the days went by it became the common thing to do to get to places.

But there was this thing about the locals asking you to see the Berber leather market. Everyone (not really but it felt like) would like to lead you to the Berber leather market. It’s because today is either the last day, the only day, the Berber King is there or these people just happen to be on their way anyway so why not go with! I never fell trap to this trick. First of all, I know if ever there was a Berber leather market it would smell very awful. And I have no plans to buy any leather products at the moment either.

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