I Went to Bath

I Went to Bath


It was an unexpected trip. I didn’t plan for it. But a friend once told me that Bath is beautiful and a must place to go if ever I’m in UK. Well, I’m in UK again. And somehow, I found myself in Baker street, waiting for the coach to take me to Bath, a two hours ride from London.

I didn’t know what I have to see in Bath but there are really beautiful architectures along the way to the main square. In the main square, I basically followed what others did, visiting the Roman Bath which was established between the first and the fifth centuries AD and Bath Abbey which was built in 1499. Walking around the city centre was quite fascinating even though the weather was cold and the skies were grey.

At the square, I saw a stall selling handmade leather products. There was a question posted on the wall that says, “Tired of paying too much for pointless brand names?” Well, I did thought it was a great question and ended up chatting with the seller.

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