Loving London?

Loving London?


London. What not to love about it? Well, I’m not really sure. They speak English there. However, don’t assume that you will really understand any of it!

It was my third time in London. Of course, I love it just the same. Maybe because it is very cultural in relation to arts and to intellectual achievements, I guess. There is my favourite National Gallery where they have Henri Rousseau’s Surprised which caught my attention first, before I noticed Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Well, they were located in the same room and people were crowding Van Gogh’s! At the Trafalger Square, there were live performances on stage to promote the West End theatre shows and I ended up watching Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre that same evening. It was fun!

There is something about being alone in a big city. Something magical when you’re by yourself in a crowded place. Getting lost seems to be exciting as you walk and walk. Amidst the crowd at Westminster Abbey, I felt it was important to have this time to refocus and be still amidst all the hustle and bustle. Condoleeza Rice was coming out of the Westminster Abbey when I entered. And of course, it was raining!

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