Sunny Summer Helsinki

Sunny Summer Helsinki

Helsinki is a very beautiful city. Navigating it by foot is very easy and you can feel the city in just a few steps. No worries! You won’t get lost! And you will certainty enjoy what the city has to offer this summer, with or without the pandemic. So wear your comfortable clothes and walking shoes, and let’s go!

Adults and kids alike enjoy climbing these hill-like shapes at the square by Lasipalatsi. They are mostly sloped so people can walk over them or sit on top of them to enjoy the sunshine. The Amos Rex museum is underneath these structures. Pretty cool, huh?

The skies are perfect today. Beautiful clouds are dominating the skies. It’s a good idea to watch them closely by the Senate Square which is a very short walk from the hill-like structures.

And why not climb up the steps leading to the Helsinki Cathedral and enjoy the breeze from there. You can also catch a glimpse of beautiful Helsinki from here. I don’t know how many steps are there though!

As you go down the steps, you have a selection of places to go for coffee across the street. We chose Café Engel which is situated in one the oldest stone buildings in Helsinki built in 1765. It is an idyllic café with a view of the Helsinki Cathedral and the passing trams.

If you are planning to visit Helsinki someday soon, don’t hesitate to ask me for places to visit in this magnificent city which I call my home and my neigbourhood!

Photos by Ari Vitikainen @

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