Camels in Morocco

Camels in Morocco

If you think that riding a camel is the same as riding an elephant in Thailand and Cambodia, think again. Though I felt the camels were very sweet and gentle, like this one. Notice its friendly face!

Taking the shorter desert trip was the better option. It was such a drama to hear how the long trip was too hard. People were crying as they plunged in, camel head first, into the dunes. People can blog about this moment in a very emotionally romantic way. But hearing it firsthand is not the same. They’ve lost their sunglasses and scarves. They came back with aching bodies and the need to finish a full bottle of shampoo to remove the sand off their hair. They said if they had to do it all over again, they will surely not do it again! They are not even buying any souvenirs that will remind them of any camels. That’s how bad their experience was. I did get sand inside my camera on this short trip so the long trip could be really worst. Probably even losing the whole camera!

Arriving at the campsite, there was tea, music and a dinner of traditional Berber meal. But it was the breathtaking sunset that got me. Won’t you?

And of course, there was that majestic sunrise. Such an amazing feeling waking up to this, I tell you…

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