The Barista on Koh Samet, Thailand

The Barista on Koh Samet, Thailand

It’s the most beautiful feeling to be in the beach at dawn to feel the cool breeze touching my face and the sand between my toes. Facing the sea and waiting for the sun to rise, I could only hope that this is my daily scenery.

Located some 200 kilometres from Bangkok, Ko Samet is one of the eastern islands of Thailand. It says that the island consists of lush hills covered with evergreen and that 80% of its total area is covered by forest. But I didn’t really get that far in exploring the island.

There is a coffee house in the resort where I stayed. The coffee was good but the barista was quite distracted by the TV. He gets a bit annoyed every time someone places an order. Looking all surprise with a heavy frown on his face, he could have easily forgotten that he works there.

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