The Florian Experience

The Florian Experience

 ade1c-dsc_4101Many people will say that only naive tourists will enjoy a cup of coffee at Caffe Florian. They say that the smart ones will go to other places where the coffee is cheap. But I guess it’s not always about the price of the coffee but its also about the character and atmosphere that surrounds you as you sit and take a sip. Caffe Florian brought me straight back somewhere in time!

Situated at St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Caffe Florian was established in 1720. It is one of the oldest cafe in the world. Its rooms are decorated with magnificent work of arts and beautiful live music are performed. Many people took photos of the cafe’s interior while they passed by. Some took photos of themselves standing outside. Tourists seem to want to have the Florian experience. People want to have even just a tiny peek inside.

But there were those brave enough to come inside. But while they came in happily, most left quietly once they discovered how expensive it is. But if money is not an issue, it is really worth the experience as the place is beautiful and full of nostalgia. You don’t have to order a whole lot. A cup of coffee will do just fine. A cup of black coffee is not bad at 8 EUR in exchange for the experience.

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