Skip Eiffel Tower

Skip Eiffel Tower

Have you ever heard someone say to skip the Eiffel Tower because it is overrated and a total waste of time? That is true, I tell you. Skip the tower! What is there anyway?

But I also tell you, the Eiffel Tower was all around me. The more I walked further from it, the more I saw it. It is such a magnificent and domineering structure too hard to avoid. A structure so old yet too modern. It was hard to comprehend its arrogance.

And you won’t really like going up the tower and to see the magnitude of Paris and all its city lights. That would be too boring. For me, it was only about standing at the same place where John Taylor stood many, many years ago for the View to a Kill music video. So yes, skip it! Because really, there is nothing romantic about it.

And while you are at it, skip Musée d’Orsay too…

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