Of course, Cambodia

Of course, Cambodia

I found it interesting that I haven’t written about Cambodia, a country that I call my first country love and where I’ve lived for almost 9 years. Cambodia has never been a place for holiday for me. It was always about work – meeting, workshops, consultancies. But let me get over it and share a bit of my after workshop and before meetings visit to Angkor Wat.

I’ve been to Angkot Wat many times before. Those times when you can actually climb the stone steps and you can wander around. I even remember driving the truck inside. It was that Tom Rider like kind of feeling which is not there anymore.

It was a long day after the workshop. But I didn’t really mind arriving in Angkor Wat a little bit just before the sunset. It was already closed but the sunset is always there to experience.

So this was the plan. On Saturday before heading to Phnom Penh was the time to go inside. I had to wake up at 04:30. But guess what, my alarm don’t go off on a Saturday! Happy for friends who knocked my door. Arriving in Angkor Wat, I saw this many people. Here you would never feel alone! If you can count how many people there were, then you are a counting expert. If you can count how many cameras, then you are a super counting expert with super sharp eyesight! People were waiting for the sun to rise behind Angkor Wat.

Even this pig was taking its chance!

But what can I say, the sunrise is beautiful!

This girl is my favourite model.

And a trip is never complete without the roadside shopping.

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