Museo de la Revolución (Havana’s Most Definitive Museum)

Museo de la Revolución (Havana’s Most Definitive Museum)


Housed in the former Presidential Palace where the white and gold interior was created by Tiffany’s of New York, the Museo de la Revolución is the place to witness the stages of Cuban revolution and the earlier struggle for independence.

Built in 1913, this neoclassical palace  served as a presidential palace from 1920 until 1965. In March 1957, it was the site of the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Fulgencio Batista. This attempt was led by revolutionary student leader, José Echeverria, who stormed the palace with some 50 students. Batista escaped through a secret passage while half of the students were killed in the attack.

Displaying the various achievements of the revolution, it showed how the socialist government introduced land reform and launched literacy and public health campaign. Among the many displays, from old communication radios, a doll that carried secret messages, revolutionary posters, eyeglasses, shoes, uniforms to Che’s medical instruments, it also displayed the heavy black coat that Fidel wore during his trial when he made his famous speech, History will absolve me.

The featured photo was taken at Museo de la Revolución, with Che Guevara and Camillo Cienfuegos.

One thought on “Museo de la Revolución (Havana’s Most Definitive Museum)

  1. Layz M Perez nice pics elaine, greatly admire ur husband's excellent work of photography ..and the lady who poses for him!keep it coming, just love all of it! God bless.

    Elaine Vitikainen God bless. Thanks, Layz!


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