Beautiful Iceland

Beautiful Iceland

Beautiful Iceland

Renting a car is inevitably in Iceland. That is the only way to get around and see the beautiful places. Then you also get to stop at amazing places for coffee. These were good stops.


But if you don’t know yet, Iceland is expensive. If you like, you can get a bowl of soup for 25 Euros and one egg (uncooked, that is) at the grocery store could cost 1 Euro. So it’s not a backpacking kind of place. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any backpackers there. There is this very popular bakery in downtown Reykjavik. There was a long queue, I tell you. Fresh, fresh bread…

Beautiful Iceland

Iceland is a breathtaking country. I haven’t seen skies as high and as wide. And why was I wearing a pink raincoat? Raincoats are for rain, right?

And for the Gullfoss waterfalls,

Beautiful Iceland

for the Atlantic sea,

Beautiful Iceland

for the coast of Vik that’s known for its killer waves (can you see me?),

Beautiful Iceland

for the Geysir although not showed here as you need to google it yourself,

Beautiful Iceland

And really, for many, many more…

Beautiful Iceland

I’ll end here and would not bombard you with lots and lots of information. Although, if you know me, I’m not the active kind of person. But I did climb this crater. I must find photos for proof!


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