The Colourful Burano

The Colourful Burano

Known for its bright, pastel- coloured houses and lace industry, Burano is an island 40 minutes away from Venice by vaporetto. It’s a very pretty and idyllic place that it felt very unreal. The bright, cheerful colours of the houses that lined the canals and streets are very charming and attractive.

One thing I learnt from this trip was another way to tie a scarf. I was charmed by a red lace scarf displayed at a tiny shop by the corner but I was a bit anxious for not knowing how to wear it. The shop keeper was so keen to show me the proper way to put it on. He was quick to tie the scarf around my shoulders that there was no other way but to purchase it!

There is also the leaning campanile of the Church of San Martino which if people didn’t know that it was leaning will find my photos slanted. 

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