Taemin’s amazing concert

Taemin’s amazing concert

Never once in my entire existence in this world would have I expected to have my next live concert online. The last one was in 2019 with Lenny Kravitz in Helsinki. Well, you all know how the story goes and I’ve been missing live concerts ever since. So it was an amazing opportunity to attend Taemin’s Never Gonna Dance concert at 9:00 in the morning in Helsinki.

The concert was no doubt amazing. That one artist singing and dancing simultaneously in perfection was very impressive. I also like how humble he is and very real to his fans. This is my first ever live online concert and I’m happy it was Taemin’s. I’ll never forget this day where I was in Seoul in Helsinki and met Taemin! I won’t lie about it. It felt very emotional and knowing that I was watching with 90,000 fans in 119 countries was an incredible feeling…

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