It Could Change After a Week (Bye Cuba!)

It Could Change After a Week (Bye Cuba!)

It Could Change After a Week (Bye Cuba!)

After a week in Havana, I started getting too much of the live music and found myself at the comfort of my iPod. As I sit at the lobby of Hotel Praque Central for my afternoon Mojito and some delicious Cuban sandwich, I was ready to shoo away the guitar duo.

Even at my favourite Café de las Infusiones, an attractive courtyard coffee house which serves excellent Cappuccinos, I got enough of the perfect dancing pair and the wonderful pianist. Staring at the yellow wall reflected by the strong sunlight, the blue ceiling holding the ancient looking lamps and fans, I whispered to myself, can the piano and dancing stop for a while?

So returning to Hotel Nacional for the late night Daiquiri while watching the main artery of Havana, the Malecón, I was listening to Night Fever on my iPod. I think I had enough of Guantanamera.

One thought on “It Could Change After a Week (Bye Cuba!)

  1. Marj Alvaro I love reading your blog posts. Such colorful descriptions of places and people. Coupled with excellent pictures, your blog is like a popular travel magazine.

    Elaine Vitikainen Thanks, Marj. Such an encouragement!


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