Hanko Blues

Hanko Blues

It was almost 10:00 in the evening when we arrived in Hanko. The sun was peaking through the clouds after driving in the rain. Standing by the shore in a few minutes, I felt I already achieved what I came here for. The cool breeze, fresh air and the gentle sound of the crashing waves… The moon revealed itself too which ended the day in such grandeur.

The next day was even better. Sunshine, hair blowing in the wind, sand on my toes, watching the waves in an empty beach. It was Hanko Blues. Blue waters. Blue skies. It was a perfect beach day!

One of the highlights was to reach the southernmost tip of mainland Finland. It was a beautiful walking trail surrounded by nature. Also, that feeling of achievement to reach the tip, not peak though! Hanko is indeed a recommended holiday destination.


All photos by Ari Vitikainen at https://www.arivitikainenphotography.com

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