About this blog


Before it all started, I was born. Born into a person who sometimes think that I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time. Having itchy feet and a mind with endless possibilities, I dream ever since I was a little girl that in every corner of the world there is a version of me. I’ve lived in different centuries, different continents, met all kinds of personalities. I’m strange this way. But then who isn’t?

This travel blog is written solely for fun by Elaine Vitikainen, a traveler living in Helsinki. It is not intended to provide detailed information but only a glimpse to encourage readers to look for more information elsewhere, if desired.

I’m only sharing some, not all my travels. Many travels have not been included in this blog, for example, travels in Singapore, Turkey, Sweden, Hong Kong, Macau, Belgium, Denmark, Bangladesh and other cities in the countries I’ve visited.

In this blog, you can also find travel illustrations I’ve created. I’m an illustrator by profession. To know more about me, please visit EV Visuals.