About this blog


This travel blog is written solely for fun by Elaine Vitikainen, a traveler based in Helsinki. It is not intended to provide detailed information but only a glimpse to encourage readers to look for more information elsewhere, if desired.

All photos were taken by the writer, except for photos with her on them and Habana 1790 which were taken by Ari Vitikainen at arivitikainenphotography.com. However, three photos of the writer were taken by others – the photo with the Scream in Oslo, the one with Taj Mahal in the background and the one with an artist.

The writer is sharing only some, not all her travels. Many travels have not been included in this blog, for example, Stockholm, Turkey, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and other cities in the countries visited.

In this blog, you can also find illustrations created by the writer which are connected to travelling, food and fun designs. The writer is a visual practitioner by profession. To know more about Elaine Vitikainen, please visit EV Visuals.