I never want to leave this place (Vang Vieng, Laos)

I never want to leave this place (Vang Vieng, Laos)


It was not my first time in Vang Vieng but I don’t want to remember the first time I was there. It was such a bad experience staying in a place close to where music blasted all night. The atmosphere was so strange. All the drunk young people clad next to nothing walking around town made the place look so cheap, very low class. Young people partying and taking drugs had caused many accidents including death as they floated on the river on tubes and go diving head first on shallow waters.

But now the party place of Asia has been cleaned up. Not only that, staying in a very nice boutique hotel made it lovely. The combination of mountains and the river as a daily view from the room was breathtaking. I haven’t been in a swimming pool with such a spectacular view. Indeed I never want to leave this place.

And for Roti lovers, a Roti cart can be found in every corner. I can easily call Vang Vieng the real Roti place. And oh, I went on the hot air balloon. It was so worth it!


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