Pepper in your coffee, anyone?

Pepper in your coffee, anyone?

You know what they say. When visiting a country, you have to try the local delicacies. So you can imagine how many dishes of Tangine I have consumed over the last few days. And of course, not to mention the many pieces of Baklava!


So here I was, sat at this beautiful and peaceful place to try the Moroccan coffee. This time with Moroccan herbs. And so I gathered all my courage to order a cup. If you know me, you know how particular I am with my coffee. Can’t drink instant coffee. Can’t drink airplane coffee. Can’t drink hotel breakfast coffee. Can’t drink from a paper cup. Can’t drink from a tiny cup. Can only drink from a mug. And must drink my coffee sat. So this was a brave thing for me to do.


I also took all my strength to taste it. The coffee was very bitter. It left a strange sting at the tip of my tongue. I was suspecting black pepper. There was also a hint of cinnamon and probably, cardamon. It was a bit minty too. So the bottomline, it tasted weird. I was not able to locate the taste of coffee at all!

Will I drink Moroccan coffee with Moroccan herbs again? I bet you know the answer.

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