There was once this place in Vientiane

There was once this place in Vientiane

There was once this place in Vientiane where I was surrounded with beautiful things. I loved this place. I’ve sat there for endless hours reading and writing my random thoughts.

The place was wonderfully decorated with orange washed down walls and some pretty exotic lamps. The only problem was this restaurant did not perform as one. I was only able to order couscous salad. I even recall having a baguette invaded by ants. It was really sad. It was a well designed place with a poorly planned menu.

The place was closed after a few months. It was not just closed down but it completely ended its existence. It was knocked down to the ground. I was partly broken hearted seeing that happen. Some things are not meant to last. Not even for a year. Soon it will be forgotten that it once existed. I can’t even remember its name.

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