Not a Tea Drinker at Cameron Highlands

Not a Tea Drinker at Cameron Highlands


The Cameron Highlands in Malaysia was discovered by Sir William Cameron in 1885. It is one of the oldest tourist spots in Malaysia known for its tea plantations. At elevations ranging from 3,600 ft to 5,200 ft above sea level, the mean annual temperature is about 18 °C. The place was undeniable beautiful!

But come to think of it, I could never be a tea drinker. No matter how much I tried, my countless attempts seem to fail. It did not matter how I climbed the breathtaking hills all wet and cold. Or how fascinated I was by how tea is produced and enjoyed the lovely fragrance it makes during the process. I did appreciate all this experience but not very much the tea. But I did learn that the longer the tea is in water, the more caffeine it produces. They also said that there is no such thing as decaffeinated tea.


3 thoughts on “Not a Tea Drinker at Cameron Highlands

  1. Jojie Love Green Tea is better… Chinese have better health than drinking carbonated..
    Caffeinated Coffee is good than Decaf.
    Brown Sugar is better than the refined white..:)


  2. Elaine Vitikainen True. I read a lot of good things about Green Tea that I stop reading. I can never be fooled to drink decaf and I like the texture of brown sugar. 🙂


  3. Jojie Love I've been drinking Green Tea for a long time… Hot or cold we've got it here…:)
    I like the brown sugar for my tea, adobo and my hubby's coffee.
    Me not drinkin' coffee No more… Hehehehe due to grastric acidity..:)
    Sarap sana sa matigas na tinapay!… lol!!


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