When you go hopping in Tuscany

When you go hopping in Tuscany

It was never enough to stay in Firenze. Other cities are easily accessible by train from Firenze. Poggibonsi, Siena, Livorno, San Gimignano and Pisa are beautiful places to see. Siena is pretty. Livorno is by the seaside. San Gimignano is a medieval city with skyscrapers. And Pisa, you know Pisa!

Of course, one morning was spent looking for tickets to see David, Venus and Primavera. When they told me that there were no more tickets available for the days I was there, that reality could never surpassed me. I had and got the tickets that I wanted. I was awestruck to see Venus!

But one frustrating thing though was to see shops after shops of leather goods and none selling leather jeans except those they made in the 80’s. You can imagine how they look like! I also have a new favourite word – Arrivederci. I also love saying Poggibonsi and Nocciola. Nocciola Gelato!

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