Lake Tuusula

Lake Tuusula


Located in Southern Finland, Lake Tuusula is considered the artists’ colony of Finland. In the early 1900’s, the Golden Age of Finnish Art, many masters left their imprint on the Tuusula Lake Road. Situated around this 6.0 square kilometres lake stood the houses of Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho, Pekka Halonen, Eero Järnefelt, Joonas Kokkonen and Aleksis Kivi which are now turned into museums.

However, the main highlight was to visit the top of Sarvikallio. The cliff is steep but it gave an amazing view of lake Tuusula.

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Suomenlinna is a popular island destination about 4 kilometres away from the Helsinki city centre. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and very popular among locals and tourists. It is a beautiful place to soak in the warm sunlight and breathe in fresh air. Personally, I just love to sit by the shore to watch the gentle waves rolling in.

I’ve been to Suomenlinna many times before but it was my first time to visit when it is covered in Bunias orientalis (Ukonpalko in Finnish). It is such an amazing sight in combination with the blue colours of the sea and sky. So beautiful! It is something not to be missed in June of each year.

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Tea moment in Helsinki

Tea moment in Helsinki

If you fancy an afternoon tea in Helsinki, I 100% recommend to head over to Brasserie Kämp along Pohjoisesplanadi Street. You won’t regret it, I promise. It will be a lovely afternoon spent in a beautiful place. You will have a choice between the Classic Afternoon tea and the Grand Afternoon tea. Take the latter as the lobster and caviar are a must to complete the setting. There are 13 tea selection. I prefer the Jasmine spiced green tea from Japan with its fresh taste and deep aroma.

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Vanhankaupunginkoski and Tullisaari

Vanhankaupunginkoski and Tullisaari

EC8858ED-0E8C-4A96-8B83-4A6B27AD4486The times of COVID-19 opened up possibilities to visit the outskirts of Helsinki. Why we haven’t done this before, I don’t know. But the travel restrictions surely played a main role. Although these places are some drive away from my Kamppi neighborhood, it was worth the visit, especially to see 100 year old trees.

Vanhankaupunginkoski is a riverside nature reserve with waterfalls. It is a popular place for walking, picnicking, fishing and birdwatching. The breeze created by the waterfalls was such a refreshing treat on this warm afternoon.

Tullisaari is located at the southeastern part of Helsinki. I love this peaceful island with its beautiful walk path and a lovely picnic area facing the sea.


The sun setting behind a tree from 1830 was the most breathtaking.

Century old trees made me imagine children climbing on it over the years. I wonder how many things these trees have seen. They hold lots of memories.


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Travelling close to home in Vallisaari

Travelling close to home in Vallisaari


The restrictions on foreign travels made most of us aware of the beauty surrounding us. Exploring nearby places became a thing to experience now, rather than to wait for it to happen in the future. As the lockdown in Finland eases and the summer holiday starts, we immediately planned a trip to Vallisaari on the first day it reopened to visitors. Vallisaari is an island in Helsinki located some 25 minutes by boat from the Helsinki market square.

I instantly felt that holiday vibe the moment we arrived in Vallisaari. It was fun to see the hanging tents from the other side of the shore. Can you see them?

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The combination of the dense, green forest and the clear, blue water was such a relaxing sight. I enjoyed the long walk in the most diverse nature. The island is full of beautiful wild flowers bursting with glorious colours along with the birds singing beautifully in the background. They bought me a lot of inspiration for my fabric designs.


One exciting aspect of the trip was to spend the night on the adjacent island, Kuninkaansaari. We were the only ones on the entire island. It was my first time to sleep on a tent tied to the trees in the forest. It was such a perfect place to watch the sea, to admire the sunset and to look up the sky. Sleeping to the birds singing, insects humming and the gentle sound of the waves was such a nature’s gift.

And of course, I woke up listening to the same peaceful sound of the birds, insects and waves. And as the island came to life at 10:00, it was interesting to watch how everything was coming back to normal after months of lockdown. Deliveries from the mainland arrived to better supply the opening of another restaurant. The ice-cream shop will reopen soon too.

Another thing that left an impression on me was how friendly were the people there. I left feeling really good about the trip and will happily return.



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Spring came to Helsinki

Spring came to Helsinki

Spring came to Helsinki. Very beautiful, sunny Spring. There are places with Cherry Blossoms closed by. I can even see one through my window. In Helsinki, we are allowed to go out for walks and exercise but being cautious not to get close to anyone. This week, I stood under the Cherry Trees and wished for some normality. Although, it is sad to be missing Hanami Festival this year in Helsinki, I know that there will be a next year. It was lovely to find Cherry Blossoms in the neighbourhood parks.

It’s also my birthday week. I celebrated it yesterday by waking up to music, flowers, a birthday cake and coffee. Dinner was ordered in from the Japanese restaurant that we frequented pre-COVID.

I had some 500 birthday wishes from many parts of the world in different languages on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, phone call… There were voice messages and songs, virtual and hand-drawn cards and even my name handwritten in fantasy Korean! The postman also came by and brought me something. Thankful to God and feeling blessed to celebrate my special day quarantined style!

Today, I introduce a new character together with Emiko. I don’t know her name yet so she is called No Name as of now. Also, I can’t decide on her colour so I decided to make her change colour every once in a while. I’m planning to combine my illustrations to print out a book called COVID diaries. If you are writing one, what will you include there?

Snow, where art thou?

Snow, where art thou?

The sun has finally come after many days of rain. It was nice to see more sunlight again, crossing over the very dark winter days. But snow, where art thou? It is rather a strange winter!

Christmas day came with a promise of snow. There is always snow in Christmas morning. But no! However, nature always brings beauty. A walk in the park and in the forest was a much needed break on Christmas day in Kotka, Finland.

New year’s eve came with a promise of snow too. We spent waiting for 2020 in Porvoo, Finland. But snow didn’t come either. However, Porvoo city is always pretty. We enjoyed the beautiful old town and coffee moments at Tee ja Kahvihuone Helmi. Tee ja Kahvihuone Helmi has an enormous selection of cakes which made it a bit difficult to choose just one.

850_4646New Year’s eve dinner was a three course meal at Bistro Gustav. It was an excellent french meal.

And as of today in Helsinki, still no snow! I hope everyone is having a good start of the year.

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Back to London

Back to London

I have been to London a few times before. Interestingly, this was my first time to be in London on a non-work related trip. This time, it was purely holiday!

We stayed at a tiny hotel room by the King’s Cross station. As soon as we arrived, we were already out and about. We had an amazing first night. First at the Piccadilly Circus, a lovely Italian dinner, a walk in Chinatown and enjoyed the energetic performance of Thriller Live which I watched for the first time at the same Lyric theatre in 2013.

The next day started with a lovely breakfast at a nice, little French café called Pattisserie Deux Amis. Of course, we had to take photos on the way to the British Museum. After the British Museum, we went to see the Gherkin and had a very filling Japanese dinner. Then we rode the bus back to the hotel which was really fun, watching life on the street at night.

The next morning, we tried something different. We past by a restaurant and saw sandwiches being grilled. We thought, “Why not!” So we ended up sat back to back with construction workers at Frank’s Café. Although, while they were having lunch, we were just having breakfast. But the best bit was watching the old couple cooking the food together and speaking Italian to each other by a framed photo of their younger selves. For awhile there, I thought I was in New York!

Then we went to Tate Modern and went by the Tower Bridge in the evening. This time, dinner was Indian food.

The last full day in London was surprisingly sunny! There was a walk at James Park playing with cute squirrels, a placard with The Wave on it, crossed the Westminster bridge and watched Big Ben being all covered up. I was back to the National Gallery to see Surprised for the third time. And as the magic moment approached, we were on the Tower Bridge. Such a fun and tiring day with Chinese food for dinner.

Then the last morning came. We enjoyed a short walk in Oxford Street before heading to the airport. Happily, I found a great combination of two of my favourite brands, Uniqlo and Marimekko, in a form of a coat. I love this classic design! Marimekko is a famous Finnish brand but there is no Uniqlo in Finland. So no such coat can be found in Finland. So I feel like the lucky one!

And guess what? We totally forgot to eat Fish and Chips!

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Iceland, you’re the one!

Iceland, you’re the one!

Going back to Iceland after two years was quite a sure thing. Who can resist its beauty and the possibility to see the Northern light. However, the Northern light was pale as the moon was shining so bright. But I saw it across the sky and it will forever be remembered.

What was amazing about this trip was being able to drive around Iceland. We stayed in 5 places for 5 nights. It was easy to rent a car at the airport and start driving eastbound. Since we have been to Reykjavik before, we skipped the capital city entirely and went straight in search for the Northern light. As I said earlier, the moon was shining so bright so the Northern light was so pale but I saw it nevertheless.

Passing by the Diamond Beach the next day was so amazing. For me, it was the highlight of the trip. It was so beautiful, something I haven’t seen before. That night the Northern light can be seen better, although the moon was still bright as bright. I also realised that the easiest way to let people out of the guesthouse was to show them the photos of the Northern light directly from the camera. They all left so hurriedly to see the Northern light for themselves that I had the bathroom all to myself.

We drove past the mountains and over the mountains. In one place, the area was covered in snow. It was so beautiful, passing through different seasons, watching the sunrise and the sunset.

The last morning was very windy and the snow came. But later in the day, the sky cleared up and it was just amazingly beautiful. Yes, Iceland, you are the one!

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I love you, India!

I love you, India!


I was a bit confused. People who were following our travels were commenting surprisedly that India is actually beautiful. But of course, India is beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not only because of its beautiful people, it has a long, fascinating history. And if you like Indian food, well, what more can you ask for!

The India trip started by arriving early in New Delhi. The hotel was not only beautiful, but the staff were very generous to get us into early check-in without the additional charge. At first it felt like a hassle that the flight to Agra the next day was cancelled, but the express train did not only take us to Agra in less than 2 hours, it was surprisingly a pleasant trip.


It was wonderful to visit Taj Mahal again after almost 10 years. Taj Mahal never ceases to amaze me. The heat didn’t stop me from admiring this historical place.

The next destination was beautiful Jaipur. I was taken back by this fancy hotel. It used to be a palace. In the 1940’s, they built the surrounding buildings. There are lots of quiet spaces in this hotel.

Jaipur, itself, is a fascinating city with historical sights that hold great significance. There is the Hawa Mahal, the City Palace and a visit to the monkeys. They ate lots of peanuts!

In between the Jaipur trip, was a quick visit to Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer fort has many beautiful, intricate Haveli architecture. Interestingly, people live inside the fort and the daily life goes on as normal.

And of course, the trip will not be complete without visiting Thar Desert. Being able to pull the camel was such a highlight for me with the sunset as the backdrop!


Upon returning to Jaipur, the flight was cancelled so it was a 12 hours overnight train ride. We survived and was accommodated at a beautiful hotel when we arrived. Our room was facing the Water Palace.


The last few days were spent in lovely Jaipur, visiting the Amber fort and admiring the Step-well. It was my first time to know that Step-wells ever existed. Fascinating!

Lastly, here is my illustrated travel journal for this trip.




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