Saved by the Dark Blue Plymouth (By the gulf of Mexico)

Saved by the Dark Blue Plymouth (By the gulf of Mexico)

The day started with perfect blue skies. The beach was tempting and so there I was feeling the light breeze from the golf of Mexico, swimming the calm emerald water, watching the bright sky, soaking the prickling heat of the sun, sipping a coconut drink straight from the shell and listening to Jamiroquie, on my iPod that is. Then all of a sudden, the beautiful skies turned dark with grey clouds. The next thing I know, the clouds burst into heavy rain. So heavy rain.

Taking cover under a nearby cottage, that didn’t help at all. So it all ended up walking up the road all barefoot and hired a classic dark blue Plymouth, a local shared taxi that should not be taking foreigners as passengers. Sitting inside this huge old car, the plan was to act all nonchalant about being soaking wet as I know that guests at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba are not allowed to be walking in the hotel in swimming clothes. But it all ended deciding to put dry clothes on top of the wet, wiping myself with a handkerchief as I didn’t have a towel on hand and carefully combing my hair. While the driver was so busy keeping his eyes on the road as it was pouring cats and dogs!

Walking up the hotel with my head up, I know that I can continue pretending to be all dry and all cool as if the rain was not so bad to me that day.

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