Wet, Wet Dublin

Wet, Wet Dublin

I did surrender my sandals as it was rain, rain, rain in Dublin. The seller wished me happy warm feet after he handed me my red Keds. Yes, Dublin was certainly an experience. It was my first time to visit a country on my own with no apparent reason other than to see the place.

But it was beautiful. I enjoyed walking by the River Liffey during the sunset, strolling on O’ Connell Street and Grafton Street, having a sandwich on the park bench at the Saint Stephen’s Green, taking the bus many times around the city to see many places many times. I visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral, attended a church service at the Christ Church Cathedral, had a Viking experience, etc. It was an interesting three days. But what I loved most was visiting the Dublin City Gallery and especially the National Gallery. I did quite a commotion at the National Gallery when I asked the guards where was this and that painting that it almost became a museum tour! One of the most beautiful and emotional paintings I’ve ever seen is Frederic William Burton’s The Meeting on Turret Stairs,1864. It tells about Hellelil’s love for her bodyguard Hilderbrand, whose death was ordered by her angered father. What a tragedy!


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