In Search of the Galle Face (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

In Search of the Galle Face (Colombo, Sri Lanka)


It was a beautiful day to start with. I was looking forward to a lovely walk by the Galle Face. I first heard of this place from this young national rugby player who marked it in my Colombo map, followed by a recommendation from a friend who was there a few days earlier.

Arriving after sunset in Colombo, the next plan was to get a taxi to this famous promenade. But first was a stop at Gangaramaya Temple, a 19th century Buddhist Temple. While walking in the temple and being confused by the collection of random things like stones, wrist watches and clocks inside the glass cabinets, the rain started pouring. It was obvious that the rain won’t stop anytime soon. But I was determined to not let the rain be a hindrance to see the Galle Face. So there was no other way but to take a red trishaw to get there. No surprise there, I was met by a dark, rainy Galle Face. I was not able to see any green as it is called the Galle Face Green. All I saw and heard was the Indian Ocean. I was imagining how this place would look like as described by my friends while I walked along the shores. This is a place for families and friends. Families will come here and will lay mats on the grass for a picnic. Children laughing, running and flying their kites. Friends talking endlessly while sharing snacks from the street vendors. Teenagers playing by the shore. Some go for a swim too. It would be packed full on a Friday evening.

But not that Friday evening. Except for some street vendors closing up their shops, there was no one there. All I can hear was the waves from the ocean and my mind saying, “This is just lovely, this is so unique.” Because really if you think about it, how many have seen Galle Face as I’ve seen it? Because really, who would visit Galle Face during this kind of weather? Well, me!

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