Eating cakes in Vientiane

Eating cakes in Vientiane

Someone once said that my entire life is a coffee break and I eat cake for breakfast. Well, that was not entirely true. Life in Vientiane was much more than coffee and cakes though undeniably, cakes were a huge part of my life in Vientiane. After a hard week, cakes were some sort of solace. They were something to look forward to. Someone even once said that cakes might be bad for my health but good for my emotions.

b525e-10443208_10153095238927137_8978608992541908886_oThe best part was the fact that there are a few places to find good cakes in Vientiane. One place has delicious lemon cake – that rich, refreshing citrus taste that never failed to tickle my tastebuds. It was luscious and pungent. Then there was this sophisticated red velvet cake. Though really it was just an ordinary cake layered with cream cheese frosting. But its bright red colour contrasting the white frosting was very dramatic.

374de-1661855_10153998754677137_2370316481714871867_nThe day before I left Vientiane for good after living there for 5 1/2 years, I experienced the strangest feeling. I was sat on my old working desk which was sold to a coffee shop. And guess where was the last place I’ve been before flying off? I was sat at a coffee shop coming into a full circle.

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