The Sunflower Field of Lopburi, Thailand

The Sunflower Field of Lopburi, Thailand

Someone just said that he can’t remember Lopburi looking like this. What he recalls is a small dusty town with white chalk dust everywhere. But this is what I saw outside the Lopburi town, a vast field full of these bright yellow flowers in full bloom. The field seems to stretch as far as the mountains which serves as its backdrop. This sight gave me a wonderful feeling. It’s beautiful and it reminded me of God’s artistic nature.

The sunflowers just before the sunset.
The sunflowers just after the sunrise.

The challenge was to find the row of the best sunflowers for the photo. But I remember that Van Gogh’s sunflowers were dying and not the prettiest. Yet they were painted and celebrated. Van Gogh painted four of these sunflowers paintings. I saw one of them in the National Gallery of London.


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