Christmas feel in my neighbourhood

Christmas feel in my neighbourhood

It was easy to get the Christmas feel in my Helsinki neighbourhood by having a short walk.

First, we enjoyed some coffee and cake overlooking the Mannerheim street.

Then we checked out the Christmas street in Aleksanter street.

This street led us all the way to the Helsinki Cathedral where we saw Ari’s snow photo on a banner.

From here, it was easy to reach the Helsinki harbour where the Christmas market is.

There is a small Christmas market also on the top floor of Kämp Galleria. We also tried the new minimalistic Ramen restaurant. The Bao was tasty!

It might look like we are not suffering from the soaring COVID 19 cases, but we do. We have some 2,000 cases a day in Finland. Omicron is also here. Somehow I feel that this is not going to end. We just need to know how to navigate and live with it.

How are you all? I really want to know how are you feeling at this time. How are you coping with the seem to be endless COVID 19?

All photos by Ari Vitikainen @

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