Golden Helsinki

Golden Helsinki

Autumn is my favourite season. Everywhere in Helsinki seems to be framed by this beautiful Autumn colours and the lovely golden backdrop. Helsinki is even more beautiful in Autumn and this year has been an endless supply of warm and sunshine.

One of the best places to see the Autumn colours is at the Hesperia Park. This park never ceases to amaze me and gives so much hope for the coming darkness.

All photos by Ari Vitikainen @

Magical Kuusamo

Magical Kuusamo

It has been many months since the last time I was on an airplane. To be exact, it was on the 1st of December 2019, coming back from our holiday in London. Although there were many travel plans over the last months, the Corona virus put them all on halt. But September is a wonderful time to visit the northern Finland.

We flew to Kuusamo and from there, we explored the surrounding areas. We started in Myllykoski (rapids). The hanging bridge was the most magical of all!

And the Kitkajoki (river) is very beautiful in the midst of the Autumn backdrop.

Waiting for the sunrise on the top of Pähkänä Kallio was such a highlight. It was so beautiful that I almost forget how tricky it was to find the place in the dark.

While the sunset was on Konttainen mountain peak. Although, it was a blustery day, it was a sunset worthy of the climb.

We were always met by beauty as we drove around the area. Colourful trees lined up the roads. There were peaceful lake areas and blue foggy moments. We even found a small magical lake surrounded by multi-coloured tress. Beauty was everywhere! Autumn is indeed my favourite season.

But the climax of the trip happened during the last night of our holiday on Rukatunturi (fell) at midnight when the skies were clear and the stars were visible. There I experienced something I haven’t experience before under the massive night sky. The Northern Lights appeared above us, flickering as if begging for attention. It was the most beautiful thing ever!

But beauty didn’t stop there. On the way to the airport on a foggy morning… My heart overflowed with gratefulness!

All photos by Ari Vitikainen

Peaceful Burgas

Peaceful Burgas

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After all the busyness of the past weeks, I had no other choice but to look forward to a very relaxing few days. Seeing a bit of a gap during these busy times, I planned a holiday where all I can experience is peace and quiet. It’s a holiday that doesn’t need to hurry to go here and there, and to see this and that. Because all I really need is some rest, to read a book, to draw, to listen to music, to do origami… A stroll on a secluded beach will be a plus factor too. And there I found Burgas in Bulgaria!


Staying some 20 kilometres from the Burgas City centre, it is not even overrated to feel completely isolated from the rest of the world. The resort was completely empty! It felt like I have a complete possession of the place, yet with friendly people cleaning up and serving us good meals. The daily walks on the empty beach was such a wonderful routine. And to hear the constant sound of the crashing waves gave such a comforting feeling. Of course, I didn’t really finish any book and haven’t done much drawing either. But I did sleep and ate a lot!

Beautiful Lisbon

Beautiful Lisbon


I love Lisbon. The people, the food, the architecture, the sea, the language, the music are just some of the things to love about it. I love how the sun revealed and hid itself during sunrise and sunset. The colours gave so much delight that I wanted to witness these moments of change repeatedly by Ponte 25 de Abril and Cristo Rey, by Cais Das Colunas overlooking the Rio Tejo, by the Belém Tower and by Castelo de S. Jorge.

p1300952Staying at a hotel on Rua Augusta near the Arco da Rua Augusta, it was easy to walk around the city and explore Barrio Alto and Rossio Square. The Santa Justa Lift is just nearby. Rua Augusta, the main pedestrian street of Lisbon, also gave a lot of good food experience. Pastelarias are everywhere to get a taste or two of the famous Pastel de Nata and the Pastel de Bacalhau. Ginha bars are also in many places to try Ginjinha, a sweet cherry liqueur which originated in Lisbon. I recommend sipping it from a chocolate cup. Although the chocolate cups came in later, around 10 years ago from Óbidos, the chocolate town of Portugal.

p1310136Then there were lovely walks in Alfama and the sentimental Fado music experience. The costal town of Cascais was also just an hour train ride to the west of Lisbon, then walking all the way to Boca du Inferno. The weather was pleasant, not cold and not warm. It was just right. The sun was shining and even the light rain added more spice to this wonderful holiday. One thing I was always tempted to say was Arigato instead of Obrigado. After all, Arigato originated from Obrigado. It was also interesting to understand that I can now travel using both English and Spanish. I totally recommend Lisbon for your next travel destination!

The magnificent Mt Fuji

The magnificent Mt Fuji

850_3322After taking a very expensive Shinkansen ride from Kyoto to Mishima, it took a bit over an hour to reach Fujikawaguchiko on a Thomas’ Land bus. It was a lovely surprise to get on a Thomas’ Land bus. It was the cutest bus I’ve ever been!

850_3331Arriving in Fujikawaguchi, Mt Fuji’s presence can be easily felt. It is very domineering that there is no way to miss it. It is behind the bus station and it shows itself at the restaurant while eating a bowl of soba.

Then a further 25 minutes ride on another bus led to Lake Kawaguchiko where Mt. Fuji reveals itself in all its majesty.


36518196_10156990265472137_1575591314970378240_nAnd by the Lake Kawaguchiko, I also saw the prettiest manhole ever!

Mt Fuji can also be seen from the guesthouse’s window while having breakfast and dinner. Even when taking a shower!

All photos by Ari Vitikainen @

Beautiful Kyoto

Beautiful Kyoto


Imagine to be in a place so green, beautiful trees surrounding you. Then comes the rain, a wonderful relief from the summer heat. You are sat under a shade, feeling calm as you wait for the rain to pass by.


Then you walk pass a beautiful garden. So beautiful, so breathtaking. It represents peace and tranquility.


Then imagine walking pass traditional houses lined up on the narrow road. You walk in silence as not to disturb anyone. You are amazed at how clean these roads are. How quiet, how peaceful.


This is Kyoto. Beautiful Kyoto.

I love Japan

I love Japan

It’s really hard not to fall in love with Japan. And the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai never failed to inspire. So you can imagine how happy I was to see the original The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The original The Great Wave off Kanagawa was published in the late Edo period sometime between 1829 and 1833 as the first print in Hokusai’s series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. It is Hokusai’s most famous work and one of the most recognisable works of Japanese art in the world.

36223119_10217033216722550_7207767051895570432_oAnd there is this pretend thing where I was watching aged Hokusai at work with his daughter, Katsushika Oi. Amazing! It felt so real this diorama.


Then there is the International Manga Museum in Kyoto. I’m seeing this form of art in a different way now after I learnt a lot about it. It was very inspiring. Ended with art supplies but let’s see how I will manage to find time to try my new pens, especially now that I got my own Hanko in Kanji characters!

Then there’s the Japanese food. I love Japanese food because why not! And I was even amazed how ordering a meal can happen by dropping coins into a machine.


Japanese people are also very respectful, helpful and kind. The busyness of Tokyo gives a sense of serenity because people are not loud, no loud music, no talking on the phones… Just peace and being considerate of each other at all times. Japan is also unbelievable clean. Kudos to Japanese people!


Germany, finally

Germany, finally


It’s true. I have to admit. I am such a sad person. My very first entry point to Europe was Frankfurt. After that I have been passing Germany many times. In Frankfurt, in Munich, in Hamburg and other stops where I don’t even try to remember the names of the places. Yes, stops. I was at the airports with no intention of going out. Sorry to say but Germany was one country that I was not attracted to. I can’t even pinpoint why. Maybe because in my mind, I associated Germany with physics, numbers and formulas. I pictured it with industrial buildings and nerdy, very efficient, no non-sense people. Even my former German colleague has a PhD in Chemistry! And in my travels, I want arts. I want arts badly. Yes, I am a sad person.

So when I went to Hamburg in September for an event, I was embarrassed to say that it was my first time to go out of the airport. And even more embarrassed because I was there meeting artistic people! The first person I got talking with was an artist who showed me her sketchbook of landscape drawings. I even went out with a group of Germans to do Urban Sketching. Then I met this lovely lady whose art I crazily admire. My heart skips a beat every time I see her sketchnotes. So my idea of Germany came tumbling down!


So this time was the second. This time in Berlin for a workshop about visuals! I was so wrong. So wrong that I feel the need to apologise. So to reverse this embarrassing situation, I’m supposed to be posting a photo of a German artist but that didn’t actually work out. I was so admiring his work that I forgot to take photos when the light is right. But then I finally got signed copies of his/my books! The amazing artist is Malte von Tiesenhausen.



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

32525887_10156872454747137_2623059599955066880_nIt took 3 hours to drive from Dubrovnik to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The good thing was the border was not busy at all as it usually is. It was a good experience to know more about Bosnia and Herzegovina, how it was in the past and how it is in the present.

The main thing people go to see is the 16th century Ottoman bridge on the river Neretva which connects the two parts of the city. The bridge is called Stari Most which means old bridge. This bridge stood for 427 years but was destroyed in 1993 during the Croat – Bosniak War. A temporary cable bridge was constructed in its place. Stari Most was rebuilt and was in used again in 2003. The steps of the bridge is made of Tenelia stone which makes it very slippery to walk on.


Ćevapi is a recommended food to try. It is a dish of grilled skinless sausages. Ćevapi originated in the Balkans during the Ottoman period. The biggest surprise for me was the huge portion. There were 10 pieces of Ćevapi covered with the flatbread. Three could have just been enough for me. And yes, you counted it right. I already ate one!


What not to love about Dubrovnik

What not to love about Dubrovnik


If you know me, you know that I’m not an active person. I don’t exercise. I don’t go to gym. So I must say it was a genuine miracle how I survived every step that I had to take in Dubrovnik. And no, I’m not talking about the act or the movement of putting one leg in front of the other, but the placing of one foot from one level to another. So here’s the thing, there are lots and lots of that movement to be made when visiting Dubrovnik. Even the hotel didn’t have an elevator. Although the hotel instruction says that in case of emergency do not use the elevator!

b2aa3-32187840_10156860366542137_7615681996034932736_nBut what not to love about Dubrovnik! Staying on the beachfront. Waking up to the sound of the waves. The refreshing water of the empty beach. The wonderful cool breeze. The golden sun pricking my brown skin and preparing to manifest an amazing sunset. It was a perfect holiday! The song in my head, A la playa yo quiero ir a bailar…

Also visited the Lokrum Island where I know that Rome is somewhere beyond the Adriatic Sea.


This Friars Minor Franciscan Monastery reminded me of Saint Paul de Mausole in Saint Remy de Provence I visited in June last year.

Also, went to Cavtat to enjoy a lovely meal, learned about Vlaho Bukovac and saw some of his paintings at his old home and ended the day to experience yet another breathtaking sunset.