Visit Jeollanamdo

Visit Jeollanamdo

The world is opening! At least, Europe is! Non-essential travel to and from Finland is now possible, but with special care, of course! Interestingly, my first tour after all the lockdown happening around the world was in Jeollanamdo, South Korea.

Sat infront of my computer at 10:00 in the morning, the tour started. This tour was offered by Trazy! You can click the link on the side bar to know more about Trazy. Here are some photos from the tour!

I’m not much into adventure tour. So the Yeosu ZIP line from Odongdo island didn’t appeal much to me. Neither the U World Luge and the Sky walk at Yeosu Art World. I’m not much a market type either. But the food was really looking so good! I’ve learned that Jeollanamdo has a special type of Kimchi.

The last part of the tour was amazing! We even visited the place where Youn Stay was filmed! It was beautiful!

I asked the tour guide if it is already possible to visit South Korea. There is still a need to quarantine and there are still COVID daily cases. But they are expecting for the country to be 100% vaccinated by the end of the year. So visiting South Korea will be fully possible next year!

My first live online concert was in Seoul and my first ever live tour was in Jeollanamdo. So probably, I will get to visit South Korea someday and watch a real live K-Pop concert. Well, maybe in 2023!

Daebak! That’s awesome!

Daebak! That’s awesome!

South Korea was on the plan for 2020. COVID-19 was surely not. But as the saying goes, ‘If you can’t go, let it come to you!’ Or did I just make that up…

Can you see the green men shovelling snow?

I always wanted a Daebak box, a seasonal box full of Korean products. It has now became a trend to love all things Korean. Think about all the K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Snacks… However, just as COVID-19 disrupted most of our lives, it also affected the mailing system. My Daebak box was cancelled! So I ended up just admiring each and every photo posted on Facebook about the Daebak box. Beauty products here. K-Pop and K-Drama merch there. Snacks and drinks to enjoy. All awesome, Daebak stuff. I’ve became more and more a fan of the Daebak box with each passing hour, day, week, month…

Then something happened. The Daebak staff opened a portal. A tiny portal intended only for me to order a Daebak collaboration box with Mediheal. Well, I’m not entirely new to Mediheal. I’ve been using Mediheal face sheets for a while now. They are not just for relaxation but they deeply moisturize, taking away the fear of the winter months.

The Daebak / Mediheal collaboration box is a must have. The box itself is so cute and trendy. And the content is absolutely amazing. It gives you the urge to really take care of yourself. Beauty and functionally went perfectly well together in this box. The box is packed full of face sheet masks, eye masks, a foot mask and a hand mask. A face cream, a lipstick, a face mask and sponges are also found in the box. And a plus for BTS fans out there, it also includes the BTS face sheets!

And once you empty the box, there are many creative ways to reuse it. Here is mine. My three purses fit perfectly in the box. How do you reuse yours?

If you don’t want to miss out on South Korea delivered to your home, check out this link. You won’t regret it, I promise! You can also get 5% off on code ELAINE5.

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