Let’s make postcards

Let’s make postcards

Where have you been? Where do you want to go? What have you seen? What do you want to see and experience?

This morning, I was reminded of how exciting it was to plan for a trip. Whether it’s for work or holiday, there is something about the process of arranging a future travel that gives me energy. For many of us, the task of organising a trip seems to be a thing of the past. Yes, it has been exactly a year when I drew this picture.

At that time, I never imagined that the pandemic will take us this long. I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel either. However, creating memories and dreams have been a wonderful part of the journey. Yesterday, I started creating postcards and made them available here. It was a fun and an energy giving process.

How are you maintaining your energy level after a year of the pandemic?

Pandemic creativity

Pandemic creativity

Creativity is not meant to dry up during the pandemic. In fact, I feel an overflowing daily dose of supply of creativity. It’s probably my way to distract myself and feel a sense of accomplishment, even more so during this strange time. No travels, no worries. We can always dream and anticipate the moment when we can. This pandemic too will pass!

Aside from work where I also get to illustrate, my official GIPHY channel has been approved on the 24th of February. As I write, my simple gifs have been viewed 54,8 M times. It feels amazing! I also created a TikTok account three days ago in preparation for a bullet journaling project. One of the things I’m really enjoying this moment is creating dream boarding passes. Yes, let’s dream! Here is your boarding pass to Helsinki.

I also created London, Japan, South Korea and New York boarding passes. I’m really enjoying this process. Which city would you like? Let me know! Have a great weekend to everyone.

Back to London

Back to London

I have been to London a few times before. Interestingly, this was my first time to be in London on a non-work related trip. This time, it was purely holiday!

We stayed at a tiny hotel room by the King’s Cross station. As soon as we arrived, we were already out and about. We had an amazing first night. First at the Piccadilly Circus, a lovely Italian dinner, a walk in Chinatown and enjoyed the energetic performance of Thriller Live which I watched for the first time at the same Lyric theatre in 2013.

The next day started with a lovely breakfast at a nice, little French café called Pattisserie Deux Amis. Of course, we had to take photos on the way to the British Museum. After the British Museum, we went to see the Gherkin and had a very filling Japanese dinner. Then we rode the bus back to the hotel which was really fun, watching life on the street at night.

The next morning, we tried something different. We past by a restaurant and saw sandwiches being grilled. We thought, “Why not!” So we ended up sat back to back with construction workers at Frank’s Café. Although, while they were having lunch, we were just having breakfast. But the best bit was watching the old couple cooking the food together and speaking Italian to each other by a framed photo of their younger selves. For awhile there, I thought I was in New York!

Then we went to Tate Modern and went by the Tower Bridge in the evening. This time, dinner was Indian food.

The last full day in London was surprisingly sunny! There was a walk at James Park playing with cute squirrels, a placard with The Wave on it, crossed the Westminster bridge and watched Big Ben being all covered up. I was back to the National Gallery to see Surprised for the third time. And as the magic moment approached, we were on the Tower Bridge. Such a fun and tiring day with Chinese food for dinner.

Then the last morning came. We enjoyed a short walk in Oxford Street before heading to the airport. Happily, I found a great combination of two of my favourite brands, Uniqlo and Marimekko, in a form of a coat. I love this classic design! Marimekko is a famous Finnish brand but there is no Uniqlo in Finland. So no such coat can be found in Finland. So I feel like the lucky one!

And guess what? We totally forgot to eat Fish and Chips!

(All photos taken by Ari Vitikainen at arivitikainenphotography.com.)