A week of gelato, pasta and pizza

A week of gelato, pasta and pizza

Yes, you guessed it right! We were in Venice for a week, finally, after 9 years. But not only in Venice. We did a day trip to pretty Verona and another day trip to the fascinating Bologna. It was the peak season with the temperature reaching up to 37C. It was hot and it was obviously the time for revenge travels.

However, Venice never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful architecture! It was nice to see the colourful houses of Burano again. It was also interesting to have a week without any cars, motorcycles or anything with wheels, except for carts. It was wonderful just to stare at the grand canal for the most beautiful sunset and to spend time at the restaurants enjoying Italian dishes. It was indeed a week of gelato, pasta and pizza!

All photos by Ari Vitikainen

Before this holiday, I was basically just living infront of my computer for the past months preparing my classes on Skillshare. Days of the week didn’t matter anymore. Was it a weekday or was it a weekend didn’t make any difference. So I was happy to be on a holiday finally! Please check out my Skillshare classes on Creating Stickers on Cricut Joy and Procreate and Designing a Weekly Spread on Procreate. My sticker class received a recognition from Skillshare as an outstanding class.

Lastly, a Korean subscription box featured me in their magazine. I would never imagine…