Christmas COVID style

Christmas COVID style

BT21 and Moomin collaboration

This Christmas season, it was inevitable to spend it following the COVID recommendation. Although, there were still unavoidable situations like the crowded shops ( we need to get food!), in general, downtown Helsinki was strangely quiet. The city is obviously lacking some tourists as seen during our evening stroll on the 23rd. It actually feels empty.

However, the Grand Noel afternoon tea at the Kämp Braserrie is not to be missed. Additional Christmas flavours are added to spice up the Christmas spirit. The obvious addition is the gingerbread macaron.

One of the Christmas traditions in Finland is to visit the cemetary on Christmas eve. Hietaniemi cemetary is located 650 meters from our flat. Many famous Finns are buried here since the 1820s. Here, I’m standing where people can light candles for those who were buried in other places. We also visited the graves of past Finnish presidents.

One fun thing I did this Christmas time was to open a Japan crate. My first time ever! I got Julian from the Animal Crossing. It was lots of fun! Greetings too from Emiko who lives on Mochi Island. Please come and visit!

Emiko on Mochi Island

Here is also an illustrated recipe of Joulutorttu. Joulutorttu is a Finnish Christmas pastry made from puff pastry in the shape of a star, filled with prune jam and dusted with icing sugar.

Have a Happy Christmas to all!

All photos (except my illustrations and Emiko on Animal Crossing) by Ari Vitikainen at

Food travels

Food travels

I’m one of those people who travels through my sense of taste. I love food. And I love them especially when the common blends and taste pairing are discarded, but, instead non-overlapping flavours are valued. Think about Indian food and the secret of its flavourful taste! I have to admit that food takes a huge portion of my spending. I’m never afraid to try something new and I enjoy expressing my compliments over a meal again and again and again…

During these COVID times, I illustrated more recipes to create travel memories through food. Fortunately, I don’t have to travel far to get a taste of delicious cuisine. In a two-minutes walk from home, an exotic meal awaits me! Here are my latest illustrated recipes. They can also be found on They Draw and Cook Website.