Back in Busan

Back in Busan

We were back in Busan but this time we stayed in Suyeong-Gu. Our hotel room was facing the Gwangalli Beach with a spectacular night views of the Skyscrapers and the Gwangan Bridge. We enjoyed the peaceful walk in the neighbourhood and a wonderful dinner at a nearby barbecue place. At this point, we saw one of the baseball players from Lotte at the restaurant having a playful fight with a friend, insisting that he pays the bill. It was hilarious! The staff at this restaurant were really kind and friendly. And the chicken barbecue was delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant! One thing we learned when the customers from the next table were leaving was that the chairs can be opened to store belongings. How smart!

The two days back in Busan was spent enjoying the night views, visiting Coffee Magnate who is owned by Jimin’s dad and a visit to the Gamcheon Culture Village. I love the Coffee Magnate in terms of its offerings and the large space. We spent a few hours there just chilling, observing all the Armies, journaling, enjoying coffee and snacks and listening to BTS music. They only played BTS songs! And in the end, I left Emiko there with Jimin. 🙂

The Gamcheon Culture Village was really fun. I didn’t have a clear idea of what this place really is. But we enjoyed the walk and the climb, the coffee breaks and just being there. It’s so colourful like candies!

These two days back in Busan was not in the initial plan but I really enjoyed it. I was so happy that we went back to Busan. At this point, I also had some time to work on my travel journal. Now, it’s time to go back to Seoul to enjoy the rest of our South Korea holiday.

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Back in Busan

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